Zippi Sweeper Review: Worth the Hype? Real-World Test!

Today I’m testing a product called Zippi Sweeper, which I’ve seen advertising online lately. With a triangular design and three brush heads, it promises 360-degree cleaning. But does it live up to the hype? Let’s find out in today’s review.

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Where to Purchase

As of this August 2023 writing, there appear to be two official websites where you can purchase Zippi Sweeper: and, along with an Amazon listing. The price varies from around $60-$90, so it pays to shop around.

Zippi Sweeper Review

Unboxing and Initial Impressions

The Zippi Sweeper arrived in standard packaging, including a handle, adapter, base, and the all-important instruction manual. Although it appeared smaller on TV, it was quite large upon unboxing, something I considered a positive aspect.

I purchased it for $60 from one of its two official websites, although prices varied, so shopping around could be beneficial. The product claims to be a lightweight, all-in-one sweeper and cleaner suitable for hard floors, carpets, corners, and under furniture.

People’s opinions on Amazon were quite divided. While some praised its lightweight build and effectiveness for pet hair and crumbs, others complained about its poor performance on carpets, cheap build, lack of power, and short battery life.

The battery is 800 milliamp hours, with a range of warnings to avoid damaging it. Charging time before the first use was a long 10 hours, and battery life can vary between 90 minutes on hard floors and just 20 minutes on carpet.

First Tests: Unimpressive Start

After charging for almost 10 hours, I put the Zippi Sweeper to the test. While the motor wasn’t too loud, the design lacked wheels, causing it to rub against the floor. My first crumb test revealed it struggled to pick up messes in one pass, sometimes creating a bigger mess than it started with. The sweeper’s maneuverability was nice, allowing it to get up against walls and corners. However, it still struggled to pick up crumbs in one pass, sometimes spraying them into a larger area.

Carpet Test: Struggles with Pet Hair

I decided to test it on carpet, which was equally unimpressive. While it managed to pick up some pet hair, the sound of the unit on the carpet was concerning, and the hair got wrapped around the brushes, leading to manual cleaning. Tipping it over even caused the debris to spill out.

Pet hair wrapped around the brushes.

Trying the Flat Edge: Minimal Improvement

Noticing the promotional videos showed the Zippi Sweeper used with the flat edge first, I tried this technique but found it made little difference. Whether it was crumbs, coffee grounds, or pet hair, the device often just pushed the mess around, enlarging the cleanup area.

Final Thoughts

The Zippi Sweeper performed better on carpets than hard floors for me, but many users on Amazon had the opposite experience. The open debris canister design is problematic, and the front brush’s tendency to spew debris around was a recurring issue. Some people love it; others hate it, and I think the divide comes down to expectations. In my opinion, it required more effort than necessary. A regular broom felt faster and less labor-intensive. It’s a product that left me feeling a bit underwhelmed.

Have you used the Zippi Sweeper or something similar? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

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