Easy-Release Ice Cube Tray Review: Worth the Hype?

Ice-making gadgets are nothing new, but the double-decker ice maker that has been going around social media recently caught my eye. What’s different about this model? With a built-in container and a unique release system, it promises more than the average tray. Intrigued by the Amazon listing and a flood of requests, I decided to put it to the test in today’s review.

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Where to Purchase

This is the Amazon listing where I purchased this product. From what I can ascertain, the price varies from about $13-$18. I’ve seen numerous models sporting the same or similar design (for much less) on Temu, but I can’t vouch for any models other than the one I tried.

Easy-Release Ice Cube Tray Review

Unboxing and First Impressions

Upon unboxing the “Easy-Release Ice Cube Tray,” priced at $12.99, I was immediately struck by the size of the cubes. They’re a bit smaller than expected, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t work.

Inside the packaging, I found a scoop and instructions. With a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, it claims to make two sets of 32 ice cubes at once and boasts features like compact design, a lid to prevent freezer odors, BPA-free materials, and easy release with one press. Some Amazon users mentioned it’s easy to use, while others had minor complaints about the ice being hard to push out or taking longer to freeze.

First Test

Following the simple instructions, I filled the trays with water and compared them to my old Dollar Store ice cube tray. The new trays held about 10 ounces of water, while my older one held 14 ounces. The difference, however, lies in the new tray’s design, with its ability to stack up and protect from freezer odors.

After filling the trays and stacking them up, I left them in the freezer overnight.

The Big Reveal

Twenty-four hours later, I retrieved the trays, ready to see how well the ice was formed. The instructions advised letting the trays sit for one to two minutes, which I did, and then came the exciting part – the big release

The silicone base of the tray and the lid’s spikes work together to push the ice out into the container. The process was oddly satisfying, and almost all the cubes came out effortlessly. The cubes were small and slightly misshapen, but not bad looking at all.

For my second attempt, I tried using distilled water to see if it would make the cubes clearer, and it did, albeit not significantly. The tray managed to hold four full trays of ice.

The left cube was created with distilled water and the right was made with tap water. The ice created is about a 1″ cube.
Pressing down on the lid will release the ice.


Having tested several ice cube trays over the years, many have fallen short of their claims. This easy-release ice cube tray, however, lives up to the advertised hype. It produces a good amount of ice, is easy to use, and the release system works pretty well.

In comparison to standard trays, this one stands out with its innovative design and functionality. If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated with regular trays, you might want to consider giving this one a try.

As always, I appreciate your readership, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Gary A
Gary A
3 months ago

Bought one the other day after seeing your review. Filled it and put it in the freezer but haven’t taken it out yet. Smaller cubes are better because there is more surface area on each cube so theoretically the drinks should get cold faster because the drink is exposed to more of the ice thatn it would be with larger cubes. You would just need to use more of them. Ever go to Sonic? The crushed ice is amazing. The drinks are nice and cold and stay colder longer in my experience. Love the YouTube channel! Just discovered it a… Read more »

2 months ago

What is the brand name of this item?

2 months ago
Reply to  James White

Thanks so much for the reply, I did purchase it from Teblei.