I recently testing out two different types of cut-resistant gloves: Level 5 and Level 9. I’ve had a lot of requests for the NoCry Level 5 “uncuttable” gloves, and it’s quite popular on Amazon, but I also wanted to compare those to a Level 9 “chainmail” glove to see howContinue Reading

It is almost universally agreed upon that bacon is best when fried, but sometimes it’s just more convenient to plop it into a microwave cooker and forget about it. I recently compared three popular models on Amazon and today I’m offering my results. Let’s take a look at the threeContinue Reading

Although I would prefer to focus on the best products of the year (and I did, as you can read here), sometimes it’s fun and useful to take a look back at those products that weren’t so great. So today I’m offering you my picks for the worst products IContinue Reading