iOttie Easy One Touch Universal Car Phone Holder Review

Today I’m taking a look at the iOttie, a popular car phone mount on Amazon with over 100,000 reviews. It can be mounted to the windshield or the dash and features a one-touch operation.

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I bought the iOttie from Amazon for $24.99 in October 2022. You may want to check here to see the latest deals for this product. At the time of purchase, it had a 4.4-star rating among over 100,000 reviews. As of this writing it is listed as the #1 Best Seller in Car Audio & Video Accessories category on Amazon.

This is one of five car phone holders I tried out. Below you can find links to the other four holders I tested out.

iOttie Phone Holder Review

When I decided to test out five car phone holders, the first one that came across my radar was this model by iOttie with perhaps the most ratings I’ve ever seen by any product on Amazon. Is it worthy of this impressive status on Amazon? For my 235-mile trip from Las Vegas to Rancho Cucamonga, CA, I tested the iOttie along with four others to see how they fared.

Although the iOttie offers a common suction cup mounting method for windshield and dash, what makes it stand out design-wise is how it “grabs” the phone out of your hand. Most mounts of this style require you to squeeze the grips together to hold the phone in place. The iOttie snaps the arms around your phone with a simple press of the phone against the cradle. It’s a small but elegant upgrade from others in its class.

The iOttie can be mounted on a windshield with a standard suction cup, and it can also be mounted onto a dash. They provide an adhesive pad for mounting onto the dash, although I found this was less effective than simply attaching it directly to the dash without the pad. This is perhaps due to the fact that I have a curved, textured dash. Your mileage may vary. The other issue with the mounting pad is that it is not reusable, so you need to be quite sure about your mounting location if you plan to use it.

iOttie mounted to a windshield.

To mount on the windshield, you simply press the suction cup against the glass and press the locking lever to secure it in place. The iOttie spent much of my trip on the windshield and it held firm. I went over bumps, through stop-and-go traffic, and even had to brake hard a few times – and the iOttie never budged. For my return trip, I rinsed the suction cup, let it try overnight, and tried it on the windshield again, and it held up just as well the second time around.

As a dash mount, I wasn’t thrilled with the mounting pad, but I also wanted to try it directly on the dash. This was for the last 100 miles of my return trip, so the suction cup had already been used numerous times and rinsed off. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it held firm on the dash, not just for the last 100 miles home, but for days afterward with a phone in the cradle 24/7 (it was a nonworking phone I used for this test).

Although the iOttie doesn’t seem extraordinary at first glance, it does what it’s supposed to do, and it does it well. It’s this simplicity and reliability that have earned the iOttie such high marks among Amazon users.

Compared to the similar Andobil, the primary advantage of the iOttie is its “one touch” design, which is nice but not necessarily a must-have feature. On the other hand, the similar Andobil offers vent mounting, which the iOttie doesn’t. If you’re looking for a solid windshield or dash mount, you certainly can’t go wrong with the iOttie.

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