Mimic Mees Review: Toys That Mimic You

Mimic Mees Review: Toys That Mimic You
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Mimic Mees are plush toys that repeat what you say. Read our Mimic Mees review.

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About Mimic Mees

Mimic Mees are plush character toys which repeat what they hear. The official product website is mimicmees.com, which was registered in February 2016. The screen capture below shows the official website as it appeared in July 2016.

Claims & Features

  • Plush toys repeat what you say
  • Auto shut-off
  • 6 different characters
  • Uses three AAA batteries
  • Records up to 10 seconds of speech


You can get a Mimic Mee for $19.99 + $8.99 shipping, and add a second one free. This amounts to $28.98 for two.

There is a 30-day money back guarantee. Delivery should take about 7 to 10 days.

Mimic Mees Review

Mimic Mees are plush toys which record and playback what they hear, but in a higher pitch. You can choose from one of six different characters.

The design is rather simple: The toy records your voice, and then plays it back with a slightly higher-pitched (thus, sillier) sound. Despite its simplistic design, Mimic Mees are still fun to play with, and maybe even a guilty pleasure for a few adults. It is a toy that can appeal equally to boys and girls.

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We’ve found that kids enjoy toys which record and play back voices in a silly manner. It is also something that pets seem to take interest in as well.

Tip: Try having two Mimic Mees repeat what you say simultaneously for an extra laugh.

When advertisements for Mimic Mees first aired, it appears that the company received more orders than they could handle, with a number of consumers complaining of slow shipping times. The company reassured customers in a May 2016 Facebook post (which has since been deleted) that “We are now fully back in stock and ready to ship.”

Mimic Mees aren’t the only toys which record and playback voices in a fun way, but those who do pick one up will not be disappointed.

Overall, we think most kids will like Mimic Mees. Now that their initial shipping problems appear to have been alleviated, customers should expect to receive their order in 10 days or less.

We’re hoping this product arrives on store shelves soon, so that kids can evaluate them firsthand, and parents won’t be stuck with nearly $10 in shipping costs. Mimic Mees are currently listed on the Toys R Us website, but with an “out of stock” status. Thus it would appear that they will be sold at that retailer in the near future.

Mimic Mees are marketed by Jay at Play, a popular toy maker, known for such products as Hide Away Pets, Seat Pets, and Tummy Stuffers.


There have been a number of toys which record and playback sound in recent years. You may recall Little Live Pets from 2014 which featured bird that would mimic your words in a higher tone.

There are a wide variety of voice recorder toys, which offer a vast array of design and price options.

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